Thursday, April 30, 2009

Inflow > Outflow = Overflowing ponds!

I am officially sick of the rain. While yesterday seemed to be a bit of a reprieve from the rains, it was short lived. Precipitation moved in again early this morning and dumped varying intensities of rain nearly all day. According to the radar, more is on its way. As you can tell from the picture, #14 pond has decided it's had enough and is now flowing down 14 fairway into #13 pond. We will likely not be able to mow anything tomorrow, with the exception of greens, but will again try to prep the bunkers for the weekend. I will have several Greens and Grounds staff on mowers this Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting, to try and make up some ground on our now very long rough.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Where's the Sun??

Monday afternoon's rain persisted overnight and into early Tuesday morning. When all was said and done, we had gotten around 1.5". On Tuesday morning we changed gears from aerification to bunker pumping and edging to try to salvage some play on Wednesday. Thankfully we saw no measureable rain on Tuesday and were able to get the bunkers playable by this morning, unfortunately the course remained too wet to run carts.

With the course still soaked, and more rain in the forcast, we made the decision to try and mow the high areas in the rough and to continue fairway aerification. With the solid tines on the aerators and no plugs to clean up, the soft ground actually made for some easy aerating. We are hoping the rain holds off long enough tomorrow (Thursday) to allow for some morning golf and some rushed mowing. Maybe we'll get lucky and the rain simply won't arrive!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Aerification Update

As the rain settles in, I am feeling good about the decision to not aerify greens today. Had we attempted greens today, we would have been caught by the rain and would be in for a week or two of "fighting" sand and bumpy putting conditions. Since we elected to forego greens, we will incorporate a few "mini-aerifications" during the season with small diameter solid tines. These aerifications will not adversely affect putting conditions for more than a day or two.

Despite the impending rain, we were able to successfully aerify fairways on holes 1 through 6, and finished tees and collars on 1 through 5. As weather permits we will continue to work our way around the golf course until we have finished.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Welcome to my Blog!

Thanks for checking in! It is my intention to use this blog much in the same way I have used my periodic e-mail blasts. I intend on posting frequently and utilizing pictures of the course, events, etc. to help update and educate anyone visiting this blog. Please sign up to follow this blog and I believe you will be notified whenever I post new information!

Enjoy the blog and never hesitate to comment on anything, or get in touch with me personally to answer any questions you may have.