Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Velocity & Expansions

Last week we made the first of five Velocity applications on our fairways and tees and we are now in the midst of the "yellow flash" portion of the application.  The picture above shows two small areas that didn't get treated and remain dark green, while the treated portions are yellowed out.  The "yellow flash" becomes less evident after repeated sprays and it purely cosmetic.  I expect the flash to last a few more days and then the bent grass will begin out-growing the Poa.  Our plan is to repeat this application every four weeks throughout the season and hope to see positive results next spring. 

Meanwhile, our green expansions are finally starting to really grow in!  The recent warm weather has kick started the bentgrass and we are seeing daily improvements in the turf.  We have heavy rolled the uneven new areas and will continue to aerify and roll throughout the season until the transition between old putting surface and new putting surface is seamless.  These expansions have added an estimated 15% to 20% to our putting surface and will give us countless more pin locations.  I will keep you posted with more pictures as we make further progress.