Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Three weeks ago we were having a record breaking spring with all phenological things springing to life two to three weeks ahead of schedule.  As such, we decided to aerate our greens two weeks early and take advantage of the weather that had become the norm for the past couple weeks.  Aerification went well and we were able to use our new ProCore 648 aerator, which performed perfectly.  Hole quality was incredible and we pulled very healthy 1/2" cores.  After topdressing and cleaning them up, the greens were set for a quick recovery and satisfied golfers...

Then it got cold!  Since aerification we have been thrust back to "normal" spring temperatures which included four nights of frosty or near frosty temperatures immediately following aerification.  This cold snap effectively halted the growth of our greens and along with it the recovery from aerification. 

Today marks the beginning of a warming trend that has already spurred growth on our greens, which we have noticed through a remarkable increase in our clipping yield when we mow.  I am hopeful that within the next week we will see nearly full closure of our aerification holes and putting will become smooth and true.  As it is in the golf course maintenance industry, we are so often at the mercy of Mother Nature!  Frustrating at times, but the forecast looks good for recovery to begin!

Looking down on a green you can see holes that are beginning to disappear.

This picture shows a patch of a more cold tolerant variety of bent that has
already healed.