Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trading in rough mowers for goats??

Over the past several days we have been deluged with rain.  The result has been an oversaturated golf course with overflowing ponds and standing water everywhere!  While we have been able to get out and mow greens, our larger equipment has not been on the course for several days, and from the looks of the radar it will be several more days before we can even attempt to mow.  Once we can start mowing it will take a couple days to get through the course and it will likely look similar to a hayfield right after harvest... frustrating for sure.  As soon as we can, we will be putting in long hours on mowers to get through everything as soon as we possibly can.  Please exercise patience as we work through a very wet golf course.  I've included some pictures of #13 and #14 for your "enjoyment".

C'mon sun and wind!!