Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Change in Aerification Plans

April 28th and 29th were supposed to be the days we aerated and topdressed greens.  Unfortunately we were met with a morning full of rain and clouds that have lingered for several days.  As such, we have decided to cancel our spring aeration of our greens and will plan on being a bit more aggressive with them this fall once the project is underway.  With the cool weather this spring and the shortened season due to the project, delaying aeration even a week would risk not having full recovery by Memorial Day and thus causing "less than ideal" conditions into the season.  I'm sure none of you are disappointed with this decision!

We will however continue with tee, fairway, and approach aeration and will pull plugs on approaches and tees along with a topdressing as soon as the persistent wet weather ends.  Recovery should be swift in these areas and the topdressing sand should help to firm things up. 
Steve and Wayne aerate #17 fairway.  Solid tines mean no cleanup!

As spring continues to ease its way by, please remember to take care of the golf course when you play.  As a reminder, we encourage everyone to REPLACE their divots.  If your divot explodes simply leave it and our maintenance staff will fill the divot with our multi-part divot mix.  Also, please remember to repair pitch marks on greens and encourage your playing partners to repair theirs!

Finally, May 5th marks another milestone in our upcoming Golf Course Improvement Project.  Architects Mark Fine and Scott Witter will be on site to conduct a Pre-Bid Meeting with all contractors who will be bidding the project.  Once the meeting is complete, bids will be due May 16th with the contractor selection taking place soon afterwards.  After seven years of planning and discussion, I am excited to get things started!

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